Wild Trout Trust's Wild Trout Survival Handbook

Book Review: the Wild Trout Trust's "Wild Trout Survival Handbook"

First published in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine, November 2006

In the years since a certain fateful car journey in the mid-1990's, when a group of Dorset fishermen first mooted creating a society for the preservation of native brownies in the British Isles, the rise of the Wild Trout Trust has been truly meteoric.

From pre-charitable beginnings in 1997, to full trust status in 1999, it's become one of the leading biodiversity bodies in the UK, partnered and courted by almost every environmental organisation you can think of.

220 habitat surveys, 200-plus conservation projects and 200 kilometres of improved watery habitat later, director Simon Johnson has now clearly recognized an opportune moment to nail down the Trust's ecological credentials with a fully revised version of its 2001 Guide to Improving Trout Streams. Enter the new 72-page Wild Trout Survival Guide...

From a marketing point of view alone, I found the newly-positioned title instructive. Regular readers of FF&FT will already have guessed that these aren't just guidelines for prettifying the privileged rills of gracious country seats - but we can't assume that everyone else will understand that yet.

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