The Accidental Angler

Book Review: Charles Rangeley-Wilson's "The Accidental Angler"

First published on Fish & Fly, November 2006

You can never quite tell what you're going to get from a Book of the TV Series.

Having sent off for my review copy of "The Accidental Angler", I wouldn't have been remotely surprised to see the postman staggering back up the path with something heavy, glossy, coffee-table-shaped and generally geared to giving R Valentine Atkinson a damn good run for his reputation.

After all, TV is a visual medium, right?

And didn't Charles Rangeley-Wilson, the author with the artist's eye, take that elegantly haunting shot of the River Earn that appeared on the Wild Trout Trust's charity Christmas card last year?

In fact, what dropped almost immediately through my letter-box was much smaller, but to my mind much weightier too. A neat little chunk of proper British fishing literature - and not so much the Book of the TV Series as a nicely-controlled turnover that makes the BBC's role in this whole multimedia presentation, high-profile as it is, start looking more and more like the TV Series of the Book...

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