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Mountain trouting: stairstepping up the wooded Viexe de Morgins

Ski-ing for Trout

First published on Fish & Fly, January 2003

Day 1

Anticipation's running high as we board our Easyjet flight to Geneva. Sally, my girlfriend, is thrilled at the thought of standing at the top of her favourite ski slopes in the Portes du Soleil and going "Ooh, aah" at the red runs she was carving down so confidently in January. Would-be ski-bum though I am too, I'm much more exercised by the thought of the 480km of mountain torrents that my 19 Euro "carte touristique" fishing permit will get me in the Chablais-Genevois region of France. According to the guidebook, it's an alpine wilderness where the annual light stocking of genetically local wild "farios" should be well augmented by the "truites lacustres" - silver sewin-like fish that run up the rivers out of Lake Geneva with the first storms of summer.

An alpine wilderness, what's more, where I'll be casting a line for the first time outside the British Isles...

This being the first anniversary of 9/11, Gatwick is packed, and so is our flight. But there's tangible relief as the cabin crew make no mention of the minute's silence at 1.46pm, during which we're somewhere on the final approach into Geneva Cointrin. Tall buildings passing suddenly at porthole level don't seem nearly so thrilling today...

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