Italian diva: the Lady takes to the air

Italian diva: the Lady takes to the air

Nostra Signora delle Dolomiti

First published on Fish & Fly, February 2007, and in Grayling News, Summer 2007

Rollcast. Mend-mend-mend. Drift. Mend again. Thump-Strike!

And there's the third grayling of the morning, corkscrewing crazily in the heavy snowmelt of the Dolomites, twisting hard, but swinging inexorably in to the near bank and the waiting net.

"Now give me your fly", says Angelo Piller at my shoulder.

He unsticks the strike indicator, snips off the solid little tungsten bug swinging below it, and replaces them both with a speck of black dubbing and a dab of floatant.

"There was a rise", he grins. "While you were catching that one. You like to catch grayling on dry flies?"

C'mon, Angelo, do bears do what bears do in the woods? I grin back at him. Then I coil up and switch the little speck of antsy nothing out over the pool where the Piave and Boite rivers join in a boil of milky-blue water, plunging together over a natural-rock weir where the roiling surface can only suggest the depths of the maelstrom below.

It's worth a try, anyhow.

Mend. Mend. Drift. Wait, what? - Strike!

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