The Fisher's Craft and Winnie

Book Review: Darrel Martin's "The Fly Fisher's Craft: the Art and History"

First published in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying, July 2007

Have you ever wondered what runs through a reviewer's mind on opening a new book he's promised to discuss for his favourite fishing magazine?

For the record, my first thought when I picked up Darrel Martin's The Fly Fisher's Craft: the Art and History was "Good grief... I'm going to need another pot of coffee to handle this".

(After all, you know some reviews are going to be hard to write because the book is rubbish. But right from the double-barrelled foreword from Ted Leeson and John Betts, you know this one's the opposite).

Then, having started this review in a spirit of absolute veracity, I'll need to confess my second thought too, which was "Bluddy-hell-get-off-that-now!" - on coming back from the kitchen to find the Pike household's newish cocker spaniel puppy joyfully ripping up the spine.

But banishing little Winnie to the hearthrug and settling down with The Fly Fisher's Craft myself, the strong conviction grew on me that she'd had known exactly what she was doing.

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