Recognition I've received

Amidst South London's rubbish, trout and moorhens are coming back to the river where Halford learned to cast a dry fly

Dry fly off Wandsworth High Street

First published in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine, February 2004

"Just where the welling of stainless water, trembling and pure, like a body of light, enters the pool... the human wretches of the place cast their street and house foulness; heaps of dust and slime, and broken shreds of old metal, and rages of putrid clothes; which, having neither the energy to cart away, nor decency to dig into the ground, they thus shed into the stream...

... Half a dozen men with one day's work could cleanse those pools, and make every breath of summer air above them rich with cool balm, and every glittering wave medicinal... But that day's work is never given, nor, I suppose, will be; nor will any joy be possible to heart of man, for evermore about those wells of English waters."

From John Ruskin: "The Crown of Wild Olive" (1890)

"Looking at this from one angle, it's truly surreal"

11.30 on a Sunday morning in June - fair enough. Chest-wader deep, surrounded by willow branches and waving ranunculus in scintillating water - nothing too odd about that either, for a fisherman.

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